Prof. Zhang Guangsheng won National Teaching Achievement Award

The 2014 National Teaching Achievement Award List has recently being announced by The Department of Education. Prof. Zhang Guangsheng, president of Anhui Business College, was granted the second prize for the teaching research project named “Creating a Platform of Business Colleges’ Ally and Promoting Disciplines’ Capability in Industrial Development”. This is the first National Teaching Achievement Award that our college staff has ever had. It is a major breakthrough that embodies substantial progress in the education reform and development of our college.

November 20,2014

College President addressed the Practical Education Seminar for Higher Vocational Colleges of China

President Zhang Guangsheng, being invited, attended the Higher Vocational Colleges’ Seminar for Practical Education, which is held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province during November 14 and 15. He made a conference keynote address titled “Practice College-Enterprise Cooperation of triple-layers and dual systems to meet Modern Service Industry”.

November 20,2014
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